Our second amendment rights are sacred.

Our Founding Fathers came to agreement on the right to bear arms. I quote, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Founding Fathers felt so strongly about this solution that they made it a part of our Constitution under the second amendment. Thus, as discussions progress, the second amendment must be kept front and center and must be part of all conversations. The birth of the second amendment indelibly insures our right to keep and bear arms forever.

Mass shootings are described as any shooting where eight or more people are gunned down. Past President Obama claims the auspicious first place record of 18 such shootings during his eight years in office. It doesn’t matter that he holds first place. What matters is that he and the media did nothing but bloviate about gun control, which solved nothing.

After every mass shooting the media focuses on: “Why did the murderer do it?” Truly good investigative reporting should be focused on telling us why none of the numerous laws that were broken, leading up to the mass murders, stopped the murders from happening. Finding these “why” answers, and fixing the shortfalls, is very likely the remedy that will reduce the quantity of mass murders.

By putting existing law failure under the microscope, a root cause will surface. If the root cause turns out to be lack of funding, and thereby non enforcement of existing law, then writing new "red flag" laws will solve nothing. The point is, new red flag laws written without proper insight solve nothing because the root cause still exists.



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